Ford End of Lease Trade-In Option in Mesa, AZ

Trading Your Ford at Lease-End

Congratulations! You and your Ford have reached a milestone event - the end of your lease. Larry H. Miller Ford Mesa is here to help you with your transition into a new Ford car, truck or SUV.

Our Mesa Ford Dealership Will Take Your Lease Trade-In

Larry H. Miller Ford Mesa will make your Lease Trade-in quick and easy. We will take your previously leased Ford in trade and buy the vehicle from the lease finance company in order to add it to our used Ford inventory. We'll then give you a trade-in credit and the difference will be applied to your new Ford lease or purchase. If your lease pay-off amount is higher than the credit you receive, we will roll the deficit, or "negative equity," into your new lease or purchase. If your pay-off amount is lower than your trade-in credit, that difference will be treated as a down payment on your new lease or purchase. All these calculations will be spelled out in an easy-to-read format in your new lease or purchase contract to ensure everything meets with your approval.

Lease Trade-In Planning & Preparation

  • Compare your current leased vehicle's trade-in value to its "residual value"
  • Obtain the payoff amount left on the existing lease contract
  • Contact your Ford sales and leasing professional to go over your trade-in options and select your next new Ford car, truck or SUV.

Contact A Ford Leasing Specialist